2021 is turning out to be “different” to say the least. Our conveners are busy at the few games still underway. Smaller crowds, fewer clans and associations seem to be the theme this year. The enthusiasm, however, is as high as ever. Our conveners all express their enjoyment and what a great time they had. Highland Games are somewhat unique to the casual event goers but once they come to a game, they are generally hooked.

Everyone that is a current member fondly recalls their first game. Whenever I speak to our members, the sense of pride in the SDFA comes across loud and clear. Janet Battistoni just convened the Maine games with our good friends Heidi and Bruce Thibodeau. Drizzle did not stop them or the crowds that did show up. However, the arrival of storm “Henri” did force an early departure on Sunday.

In other news, longtime member Lew Bowlby has had a fall and injured his right arm and hand. We all hope for a speedy recovery Lew!

Isabell Taylor convened the Grandfather Mountain games in North Carolina and had BLAST. As she explained, the GMHG were FANTASTIC! BEST EVER!

To our members that have not yet become conveners, please consider becoming one today! If you are interested please call me or any of our currently serving conveners. Conveners are a critical piece of our goals to grow the SDFA.

Stay well. The games are slowing down now until the winter when the southern games commence.

See you there!

Dennis Blythe, President SDFA