Hello to you all,

2021 is over and 2022 has begun. Hopefully, COVID-19 will abate and we can get on with our “usual” lives. I hope and pray you and your family have been spared this pandemic’s wrath.

Soon, you will be receiving your personal ID and unique password to our newly created website’s “Members “ area. Ben Kuhn and Jennifer Fowler have done a remarkable job and the Executive Officers are very happy with its outcome. The Executive Officers have been playing with the website, and as Ben instructed, “Try and break it.” Once the tweaks are all in, the website will be fully operational. Thank you Ben and Jennifer.

Remember to renew your dues for 2022!

2022 appears to be gearing up in terms of Scottish Highland Games and Festivals.

All of these Games and Festivals, in 2021 were either shortened, reduced in size, reduced in number of days they were held, crowds and vendors were limited, went virtual or did not happen at all. Some of the games may never return. 2022, however appears ready to come roaring back. With that, I have a “WISH”.

Due to a number of issues, COVID being tops, the ability to go on the web to find out what games are still on is difficult at best. There are a few websites trying this, but we feel we could provide a unique product to assist everyone. Therefore: Your Executive Officers have been discussing the establishment of a two or three person EVENTS COMMITTEE.

This committee would maintain and update our website list for upcoming Highland Games and Festivals. So far, we have a list of 91 Highland Games and Festivals throughout the United States. This list is NOT complete, but it is an excellent start. The Committee would maintain the list, update the list periodically, and forward results to Ben Kuhns, our webmaster. Ben would then upload it to our website. This information would then be available to the general public as a service.

We need your involvement and help to make this work. Would you contact me if you are interested to learn more. Once this list is up, I foresee a small amount of effort to maintain it. Please contact me.

Once the website is operational, we want to have you, our members, providing short stories, pictures, experiences etc., on a regular basis. Prepare your writing skills!

Have a blessed and Happy New Year. Stay safe. See you at the games!

Dennis Blythe, President
(352) 262-2118