Quite a few things have happened,

First, as most of you know Bill Boyd is our new Membership Secretary and we could not be happier. Bill will be able to answer all of your membership questions and he has become an invaluable member of your SDFA team. Thank you Bill.
Second, the winter/spring games here in Florida have been a mix of good and bad. Some of the bad was weather related and some organizational weakness. Jacksonville reopened their games after a 13 year hiatus. The effort of the new organizers showed. Unfortunately, really bad weather also showed. Saturday, the rains became a deluge and rivers of water flowed into the clan tents. Mud and water became our nemesis. Cars became stuck in the mud and all of the people went home. The clan village was partially destroyed and several of the vendor tents were also destroyed. (THE BEER TENT). Our SDFA tent was “secured “ Saturday night. Nope! When we arrived Sunday morning the SDFA tent was on top of an adjoining clan tent. Much of our materials were destroyed. Fortunately, all of the important materials, books etc., were in sealed containers so were fine. Admitting defeat, we packed up and went home early Sunday morning.

Third. We attempted to partake of the Mt. Dora Scottish games here in central Florida. This event is managed by the City of Mt. Dora. SDFA never received any correspondence or emails, phone calls,or texts even after numerous calls to the City Parks and Recreation Department. We were cheerfully advised, every time, that we would receive a call as to tickets, parking, set up etc.. None ever came until 23 hours prior to the event. An email advising that the clan and association venue was a street. Parking was not available and we would have only a couple of hours to set up before we would have to remove our vehicles. Since the venue was a city street, sandbags would be required to secure our tents. Unable to obtain sandbags on such short notice, I decided it would be impossible to go, so SDFA took a pass and did not show up. I am not aware of anything like this happening before. However, hope springs eternal.

Fourth. This weekend, SDFA we hosted a tent at the Dunedin Scottish Highland Games. This is a wonderful event which the organizers use the proceeds to fund the Dunedin School System with pipes, drums, kilts, rain gear and lessons to every child in their school that wants to become part of their impressive marching band. the weather cooperated and they had a great turnout. We were able to sign up two new members, Kelly Cruz, and the Barry Balmer family. Welcome to you all.

Lastly, and on a personal note, I am selling my home here in Florida and will be moving to Pittsburgh to be with my daughter and grandson as she has taken a position at the University of Pittsburgh beginning June 1st. I have been busy preparing my home to sell and have been unable to contact each of you as much as I would like.
SDFA needs more conveners. I hope you would consider becoming a convener here in Florida or any place that you live. Being able to help people begin their search into their Scottish heritage is very fulfilling and worthwhile. We will provide you with the training, books and other materials along with training to help you get started. Please contact me to learn more.

Dennis Blythe, President
Scottish District Families Association