Hello to you all.

2022 was an exciting year for SDFA growth. New members nearly doubled our membership rolls. As such, for the first time in the history of SDFA, we now have a Membership Secretary- Bill Boyd of Marietta, Georgia. With the increased membership, the duties of Treasurer, maintaining membership roll and monies, became too time consuming and since this appointed position of Membership Secretary has always been in our constitution, the time was right. Your Executive Officers want to thank Bill for stepping up. SDFA is growing. You, our members, deserve the finest operating organization possible. With Bill’s experience and commitment, SDFA is well positioned to continue to grow in 2023. And I personally want to thank Diane Strout our Treasurer and Chair of our Genealogy Committee for all of her hard work and professionalism. Without people like Diane and Bill, SDFA would not b able to assist our members. So thank you both.

I attended the COSCA Annual general meeting via Zoom. For your information, COSCA or better known as the Council of Scottish Clans and Association, helped establish SDFA many years ago. Our Past President and Founder, Judi Lloyd would not have been able to establish SDFA without the assistance and experience of many people, including COSCA. SDFA has maintained a membership in COSCA all of these years in grateful appreciation. The AGM (Annual General Meeting) discussions centered around membership retention and growth. COSCA has determined that due to the increased interest in DNA and Scottish heritage, more people are expecting more from their clans and associations. As such, COSCA wants to help facilitate anyone attempting to resurrect a dormant clan or association.

Our conveners had a remarkable year as I stated above. To all of you, your Executive Officers and membership thank you. Your SDFA conveners, Shanks and Cathy Sellers, Isabel Taylor, Janet Battistoni, Catherine Lieberman, Dennis and Paulette Fowler, Heidi and Bruce Thibodeau, Jeannie and Ray Minchak, and myself attended many games and had a blast. BUT, we need more, newer, younger, members to join in the fun. Being a convener is a hoot. You get to meet so many wonderful people all of whom are interested in the very things you are. Being a convener is not hard. It will take up a weekend or two but you determine what games you want to attend. Your Executive Officers and Regional Representatives Janet Battistoni and Jim Gibson will provide you with the training, books, and other resources you might need.
So, come on, call me and stick your toe in. Attend a game near you, try it and see if it is for you. WE NEED YOU!

Please check out our Facebook page and our website. We would like to ask for more volunteers to join the Communications Committee (Newsletter, Facebook, Website). If you have the desire to become more involved in SDFA and this appeals to you, contact me. We want everyone interested in becoming more involved in SDFA to do so. If you like to write short stories, poems, travel articles or anything Scottish at all, then we invite you to contact me and we will try to get you published on our sites.

Everyone is invited to join any committee they desire.(Genealogy, Communications, Convener etc.) We want you. We want your expertise. We want you to have fun.

Finally, please forward your 2023 dues ($15 Single and $25 Family) to Bill Boyd, FSA Scot at 1791 Hasty rd. NE, Marietta, GA 30062. OR you may renew on line on our website.

It is a privilege to serve as your President and I want to hear from you.

Dennis Blythe, President